Veluweloop corona-edition 2020

Corona edition 2020

Because of covid-19, we, as an organization, have decided to organize a one-time corona edition with a completely different set-up than regular participants are used to. The relay element disappears, but you still deliver a team performance in the beautiful nature. Read more about what the Veluweloop will look like this year!


In brief:

¨From Vredenoord there are 2 routes of 5 and 8.5 kilometers. These routes are through the forest and through a piece of heather, of the Gelderland landscape. Teams of 12 are divided over the 2 routes. All teams are divided over 4 shifts, maximum 180 runners per shift. This ensures that, including volunteers and organization, there are at all times less than 250 people present on the site.¨


Below a detailed explanation:


Vredenoord, Schaarsbergen, municipality of Arnhem.



The day will be divided into 4 shifts of a maximum of 15 teams of 12 runners each. This ensures that there are 180 runners per shift on the site, maximum. This ensures that we remain under 250 people at all times. This means that they do not have to be placed, but they can walk around freely, provided they are 1.5m away. For this, employees are deployed who enforce this.

What the day will look like: the day is divided into 4 shifts. These shifts take place in the following time slots: 9.00-11.00; 11.15-13.15; 13.30-15.30; 15.45-17.45. The 15-minute play in between is to prevent the shifts from overlapping and so that no more than 250 men are present. In the time frame of 2 hours, the following takes place:

1. The team leaders pick up the start numbers.

2. Warm up

3. Start of both routes takes place at the same time, with all participants in phases, per team.

4. Finish

5. Departure of the teams

They get the time to chat and use the catering. By the end of the timeslot, everyone is kindly asked to leave the site. This is to avoid overlap with the next shift participants.


The run:

Two routes are set out from Vredenoord, one of 5 kilometres (marked in blue) and one of 8.5 kilometers (red). Click on the map to view a more detailed version. As a team, 6 people travel the long and 6 people the short route. For the classification, the male / female distribution over these routes is as follows: 4 men and 2 women on the long route; 3 men and 3 women on the short route.

Together with your entire team you start simultaneously from Vredenoord, where the runners of the different distances are separated and eventually come together again at Vredenoord. At the end, all individual times are added up for the team classification.

The routes are indicated by signs and volunteers, as would normally be done. There will also be a cyclist at the front and rear of each shift, on each route. This will lead one in the right direction.

Click here to view the long route on afstandmeten, and here to see the short course. Download the GPX files here.

Time registration:

Each participant receives his own start number, so that garments do not have to be exchanged and the individual time can be registered.


Hygiene measures:

As mentioned before, each participant gets his own start number, so that garments do not have to be exchanged and the individual time can be registered. There will be disinfection stations to disinfect hands. Toilets will be available on site, along with hand washing and disinfection facilities.



The competition booklets contain contact details of the central post (CP) and competition management. Each team receives 1 booklet, unless additional purchases are made during the re-registration. With this one can, if necessary, contact the organization or the CP for assistance. First aid will also be available on the Vredenoord site. Employees of the event are in contact with each other through Zello. In relation to the contact investigation, should a report be made after the event that they have tested positive for Covid-19, the team leaders of the teams from the same time slot as the person in question will be notified.


Corona measures:

Participants have to follow our Corona rules. If participants fail to comply with this, they will receive a warning. With the 2nd violation, the organizing committee and race management can disqualify the entire team. In addition, participants are expected to run on the right and overtake on the left.

Walking routes:

Walking routes will be constructed on the Vredenoord site to guide all those present and to prevent exceeding the 1.5m distance. These are visible in the map of the site:


The price ceremony:

The results will be announced online. Prices are sent by post.


Already registered teams:

What are the options for already registered teams? With a new form of the event, attendees might not want to participate, or find the entry fee appropriate. Various arrangements are made for this. Teams have already received an email about their participation.

1. Cancellation: There will be teams that no longer want to participate, for this new cancellation conditions will be drawn up. This takes into account that the event has changed and is therefore no longer what they paid for. They get all the money paid for the event, reservations, car vignettes and deposit back, minus 15 euros in administration costs.

2. Part of the registration fee back:

The new level of the registration fee has been set at 100 euros for a team of students and 140 euros for non-students. We will give registered teams that still want to participate in the current event, the possibility to get back the difference in registration fee and amounts already paid (deposit, reservations, car vignettes). This is because the registration fee already paid is higher than appropriate for the renewed event.


Advantages of this form of the event:

This form makes it possible to have less than 250 men present on the site at all times. This ensures that people do not have to be placed and can move freely. There are also fewer volunteers needed, fewer vans, no exchange points, less costs. But it does give the opportunity for a relatively large number of participants in one day, a fun event, a team experience and an opportunity to set a good time on a beautiful route.


Other provisions:

Spending the night on the site of the Bongerd is no longer possible, but teams from far away can indicate this at the re-registration, whereby they are placed in a time slot in the middle of the day.