Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How do I reserve mountain bikes/dinner spots/etc?

To be able to make reservations, you have to make an account and log in. If you’re logged in,
you can make reservations here.

Can I change my registration?

Yes, that is possible! You can send an e-mail to and mention clearly
your team captains name, team name and what you would like to change.

Can I participate in the Veluweloop with a team that is smaller than 12 runners?

Yes, it is possible to participate in a long-distance team with a maximum of 3 runners. You can
also participate individually as a long-distance runner.

My team is not yet complete! How do I find extra people?

You can post a message on the Facebookgroup Find A Team.

I did not receive a conformation email about my registration, what now?

If you registered, you will receive a conformation email within 30 minutes. Don’t forget to check
your spam box. If you have not received an email after half an hour, contact

How do the different starting groups work?

There are two start groups at the start at the Bongerd and both restarts at Vredenoord. The first
start group is the regular group. The second start group is for fast runners. A team that, on
average, runs at least 12 km/h belongs in the second start group. At the restart at the Bongerd
for the last stage, both start groups start at the simultaneously.

Where can I find the results?

The results will be published afterwards on this page.

Can internationals also volunteer?

Yes, internationals can also participate as a volunteer but they have fewer functions on the race
day. This is due to potential communication issues with coordinators.

Can I sign up with a friend as volunteers?

Yes, there is a remark section at the end of the form. You can indicate at the remark section who
you want to work together with. We will take this into account when the schedules are being

Do I get volunteer training before the day I am going to volunteer?

This depends on the function. Most functions do not need any kind of training in advance. If you
do need some kind of training, you will be informed well in advance. Everybody will get an email
with clear instructions on what could be expected from you as a volunteer.

Can I still volunteer if I already participate as a runner in the Veluweloop?

Yes! Your help is needed before and after the race day, but unfortunately you won’t be able to
help on the race day itself. If you already participate as a runner you can make a remark in the

Can I also view the route digitally?

Yes, the entire route is visible via afstandmeten. The route can also be downloaded as a GPX
file, so that it is visible on your cycling computer. Then you can navigate with that. More information on this page.

Does the male-female division ever change?

Yes, the first and last stage change annually. In 2021, the first stage will be for men and the last
stage for women.

I have a food allergy/intolerance, can this be taken into account with the dinner?

Send an email to with more information about your
allergy/intolerance and we can look together at the possibilities.

Can people that did not participate in the Veluweloop come to the party?

Yes, that is possible! You can purchase additional straps to enter the party for 2 euros each in the reservations section.

Is it possible to camp close by?

Yes, it’s is possible to camp at the Veluweloop camping with your own tent. You can find more
information here.

Do I have to be an experienced runner to participate in the Veluweloop?

No, this is not required! The stages differ in length and height difference. You can discuss with
your own team who is running which stage.