Get to know the organising committee of 2024 with the slogan "get ready to race the wolf!"


Dear sports enthusiasts,
My name is Juleke, 2nd year Biology student at WUR. With a smile on my face I can say that I am president of the Veluweloop 2024. Sports are one of the things I like to do most. That is why I am a member of the survival run associations Storm Outdoor in Deest and Woest in Wageningen. I also enjoy biking together with Hellingproof, running through the beautiful nature around Wageningen and strength training in the gym. Seeing others exercise, or motivating others to exercise gives me energy. That's why organizing the Veluweloop makes me so enthusiastic.
I'm really looking forward to it and will try my best to make the Veluweloop a success again this year. Will we see you on October 12th?


I'm Iris, 19 years old and currently in my second year of Management and Consumer studies! This year, I'm taking on the role of secretary! I ran the Veluweloop last year and had such a blast that I was in doubt first about joining the board, though that would mean I couldn't run myself :). But organizing such an event with a bunch of others is also super cool, so now I'm really excited to be organizing the Veluweloop! Besides running, I also enjoy playing tennis! And I absolutely love parties and chilling by the Rijn!

Sign up and hopefully see you on October 12th!

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DSC02646 Flyn

Hello sports fanatics,
My name is Flyn de Boer, I am 20 years old and now a second-year student in Landscape Architecture & Spatial Planning. This year I am the Treasurer and Employee Commissioner of the organizational board. This means that I will manage all matters surrounding the finances and am also responsible for recruiting and informing all employees/volunteers involved in the event. I also run myself and therefore find it extra fun to be able to organize such a large relay running competition. Because I am very interested in how such a spectacle is organized and want to learn more about it myself, I joined the board.
Together with my fellow board members we will make it a wonderful running party and hopefully I will see you all on October 12!


My name is Simone and I will take on the role of Sponsoring and Publicity Commissioner for this 42nd edition of the Veluweloop. I am 20 years old and currently studying the Bachelor of Animal Sciences in Wageningen. Besides studying, I also enjoy sports. Going to the gym, horse riding, snowboarding, bouldering, going for a run, everything! I have never participated in the Veluweloop, but that is definitely on the agenda for next year! I looking forward to taking on this adventure and organizing this wonderful annual event together with the other committee members!

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Dear Sports entusaist,

My name is Martijn, 20 years old and this year I am the Commissioner competion. Beside my study Bcs Biology where I am in my 2nd year now. I like to go cycling and running in the woods and fields around Wageningen to discover again and again what nature over here has to offer. I am also in for a game of knotsbal, volleybal or soccer at de Bongerd. After participating de Batavierenrace and de Veluweloop last year it seemed cool te me to organise such an event. I am really looking forward to it and I hope to see you al the 12th of october at the 42nd editition of de Veluweloop!