Veluweloop camping

Veluweloop Camping

Update 39th edition on 9th of October 2021
Unfortunately it will not be possible to make use of the Veluweloop campsite due to the current Corona measurement. Next edition we hope to be able to invite you again to our Veluweloop camping.


This year, it´s possible to camp at the Veluweloop camping with your own tent. The camping is located close to Sports Centre de Bongerd, where the start/finish will also take place. Camping is possible in the night from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday (race day) to Sunday. The costs are € 3,- per person per night, breakfast included. Staying at the Veluweloop camping can be reserved via the reservation form.

On Friday, the camping opens from 20:00 onwards. On Sunday, you need to remove your tent before 10:00. The times for breakfast servings can be found on the programme.

All necessary equipment (tent, sleeping bag, matrass/sleeping mat), you need to bring it yourself. There will be a dixi to be used during the night. On Sunday morning, you can take a shower at the Sports Centre.