The race consists of 12 stages, divided between females (5 stages) and males (stages 7). If a man participates at a female stage, a time penalty will be given (see race regulations). After the end of the race, all times and penalties will be summed to a total time. This time will determine the winner of the Veluweloop.



Start, Sports centre de Bongerd

    Distance (km) M/F
1 De Bongerd – Oostereng 5.7 M
2 Oostereng – Gelderse Roos 7.3 M
3 Gelderse Roos – De Petteflet 9.0 M
4 De Petteflet – Vredenoord 5.2 F

Restart Vredenoord

5 Vredenoord – Beerenberg 8.9 M
6 Beerenberg – Emma Piramide 4.3 F
7 Emma Piramide – IPC 8.0 M
8 IPC – Vredenoord 8.1 M

Restart Vredenoord

9 Vredenoord – Planken Wambuis 8.2 F
10 Planken Wambuis – Oostereng 11.7 M
11 Oostereng – Campus WUR 6.0 F

Restart Campus WUR (near Orion)

12 Campus WUR – De Bongerd 4.0 F



Stages and distances for long distance runners

      Distance (km)
1 De Bongerd Vredenoord 27.2
2 Vredenoord Vredenoord 29.4
3 Vredenoord Campus WUR 25.8
4 Campus WUR De Bongerd 4.0


The Veluweloop officially opens at 8:45. The first group will start at 9 o´clock and the second group will start 20 minutes later. Also for the long distance runners, the start is at 9 o´clock. Before 9 o´clock, every team leader has to register and pick up their runners vest. 

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