We can’t organise the Veluweloop without volunteers. Volunteers are most needed on the Saturday, but during the other days before and afterwards they are key as well. Of course, snacks, lunch and dinner will be provided when applicable. You can browse through the different functions below and register via the volunteer form (on the right side).

Please do not hesitate to inform and motivate your friends to join the team of Veluweloop volunteers as well!


Many of the rented devices and goods are delivered and transported to the Bongerd on these days. The activities differ and it is hard to exactly tell what will happen at what time in advance; but you could think of transporting, loading/unloading busses, organising instruction overview and permits and/or sawing the time chips in the running vests. The working hours are not yet known but quite flexible. You are likely to be working from 18:00 till 23:00 and some other moments during the day.


On the Friday some specific tasks can be distinguished which are listed below. Those tasks are not separately indicated on the subscription form, you can indicate preference in the remark section. The tasks take between 1,5 and 6 hours and multiple ones are often easy to combine.


Route cyclists
You can start by exploring your stage if you are going to run next day. A part of the route will cycled by couples on mountain bikes. After each stage, new route signs and food will be provided by a bus. Therefore, some drivers are needed as well.


All groceries are done in the morning after which the volunteer’s lunches will be prepared. Afterwards, the remaining food will be divided over the relay stacks.


Provision desk
The volunteer and team captain bag will be supplied will all the reserved items and information. You are making sure that all bags are ready so they can be quickly provided. It is uncomplicated work which allows for some music and a lot of fun.


Saturday: the day of the race!
This is the day that most volunteers are needed. If you like providing volunteers with food, taking pictures or watching the finish in the middle of nature, everyone can find an enjoyable task that fit. You will not only receive lunch, sport shirt and dinner but also have a great party afterwards. The following section gives an overview of the some of the different tasks, though it is not a complete list. If you are interested in taking the lead and coordinating a group of volunteers, you can place a remark in the subscription form. You will be discussing your ideas with the organisation a while ahead going through all different tasks.


Race cyclists
Armed with a mountain bike and route signs, you will have a new look upon the route. There are different kind of race cyclists: you can go ahead of the runners checking the route and road crossings, cycle among the runners or collect all route signs behind the last runner.


Relay point team
Are you interested in time registration at the relay point locations? Together with six other people, you will be responsible for 2 or 3 relay points. This tasks is perfectly suited to do with a group of friends. The team will set up and operate the electronic timing equipment, take care of the manual backup procedure, and ensure the smooth and pleasant operation for the participating teams, the crowd and the environment. It is a task at the centre of race where you could see everyone finishing and all teams passing by!


Building the (re) starts
You arrive when everything is quiet. Preparing the sports centre for everyone so they can get to their job quickly. You are busy with managing the construction of the restart, hanging up banners, getting the music going, serving soup and coffee for the volunteers and providing bicycles. Everyone starts together at the Bongerd, after which some will leave to Vredenoord to start building the restart. The ones staying, have plenty of time to breakdown all providing desks and prepare for the finish, dinner and price ceremony. This task can be split into several parts and could be combined with participating or volunteers, who could only help for a part of the day.


You probably also experienced one of those moments thinking ‘I wish I had my camera!?’ We are looking for enthusiastic photographers and camera operators who catch the finest moments of the Veluweloop. The pictures and films can be published on our website immediately after the event. To get an impression, take a look at the pictures taken previous years.



Starting from ten onwards, everything will be cleaned up, sorted out, loaded in the busses and transported. Most tasks are flexible and it’s hard to tell beforehand which tasks will be provided.


* Unfortunately, some tasks are not available for international volunteers. This is due to some potential communication issues with the coordinators.

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