The charity of this year is DriveforLife. In the registration form you can indicate whether you would like the deposit for the Runner vests back or if you would like to donate it to DriveForLive. Below they explain who they are and what they stand for Want to get back from the runners or donate to the DriveforLife Foundation.

The Drive for Life Foundation was set up to give invisible children a day in the spotlight to put lights on. No fewer than 430,000 children receive help or need care in the Netherlands. We grant these children a day when they can forget all their worries for a while, be driven around in a special car and have a great outing. And maybe more!

The Drive for Life foundation aims to help invisible young people who cannot fully participate in society by letting them experience a unique experience. This allows them to forget all their worries for a while and be a carefree child. We organize unique outings and ensure that the children are transported in a special car. In addition, we try to leave an “oil slick” that leaks through in beautiful collaborations. You have to think of internship companies, career help, buddies etc and even work!

Our volunteers make this possible. The children are driven from A to B in an awesome car accompanied by an entire motorcycle team and then set out to make authentic memories. This way they can forget their worries for a while and be real children.

The Drive for Life Foundation cannot exist without your help. We are completely dependent on gifts and donations and run on volunteers. So do you have a special car? Do you have a nice accommodation for an outing or do you want to support us financially? Please contact us. Not only us, but especially the children will be very grateful to you!

For more information visit the DriveForLive website. (Dutch only)

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