Register your team

Register your team

The registrations for the Veluweloop 2020 are open! The due date for registering is the 25th of September.


Registering works as follows:

  • Step 1: Register your team via the registration form on the right side of this screen.
  • Step 2: Make reservations for your team (bicycles, dinner, etc.) via the reservation form.

By registering, you automatically agree with the refund terms and with the privacy statement.

For more information and additional rules regarding the race, you can take a look at the race regulations (Dutch only).


Prices registration 2020:

  • General team: € 190,-
  • Company team: € 190,-
  • Student team: € 120,-
  • AID 2020 team: € 60,- (minimally 6 students from the AID group)
  • Long distance team: € 60,-
  • Deposit runners vest: € 15,-*
  • Car tax: € 10 for every car (maximally 3)

* After registering, you have the option to donate your deposit to the charity of this year. Otherwise, you will retrieve your deposit on your bank account within one week after the event.

For the requirements to call yourself a student team, take a look at the team requirements.