Donate your deposit-Support Drive for Life!

As the Veluweloop we want to do something back for society! Just like past year, you can donate your deposit for the Drive for Life foundation!

Drive for Life is a foundation with the aim to give children, who do not have an easy life, an unforgettable day and memories for life.

Besides, the foundation helps us as the Veluweloop with their motor drivers, to organise an unforgettable (and safe) Veluweloop!

Below Drive for Life provided some extra information about what they do:

In the Netherlands, over 500.000 children need extra care, that’s 1 out of 12! They face situations they didn’t ask for. They live in housing institutions, work on care farms or need help from youth workers or foster families. They stand alone, but they deserve real attention!

The Drive for Life foundation facilitates special car rides so they can forget all of their worries for a moment! And not for just one day, Drive for Life connects young people with a network of people who can give them a better future. By going on adventure, they learn about themselves, the world around them, and get changes like internships, jobs or a tutor can come on their paths!

For some kids, the only thing they own is a small backpack with some personal belongings, but nothing like everyday essentials like deoderant, clothes or sanitary towels…..Drive for Life provides this as well!

The Drive for Life Foundation runs fully on donations and sponsorships so we can use your donations very well!

Don’t hesitate and donate your deposit for Drive for Life! (or directly via www.driveforlife.nl/geld-doneren/!)



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Donate your deposit-Support Drive for Life!

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