Here you can make reservations for your team.

The reservation deadline is the 2nd of October. Fill in the form on the right side of this screen. If you want to make any unforeseen changes, please send a mail to This is possible until the 2nd of October.


Prices reservations 2020:

  • Bicycle: € 15,-
  • Mountainbike: € 20,-
  • Deposit per bicycle/mountainbike: € 10,-*
  • Dinner: € 5,65
  • Veluweloop camping: € 3,- per person per night (including breakfast)
  • Extra party straps: € 2,- per strap

* When the bicycles and mountainbike have been returned, you will retrieve the deposit on your bank account within one week after the event.

Reservation form Veluweloop 2020

In this form you can reserve bicycles, dinnerspots, camping spots and additional party straps. When you want to change your reservations, send a mail to

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