The Veluweloop is the most natural relay run in one of the most beautiful environments of The Netherlands. To ensure having a successful event the Veluweloop needs the assistance of many volunteers. So, if you are unable to participate in a running team but you do enjoy running events, sports events or recreational events you are welcome to join the team of Veluweloop Volunteers. Assistance is needed not only during the day of the Veluweloop event, but also the days before and the day after. Have a look at the various positions and if you are interested register using the volunteer registration form.

And please do not hesitate to inform and motivate your friends to join the team of Veluweloop Volunteers as well!

Functies Friday Saturday Sunday
 Route folk  X  X  
 Motorists    X  
 Catering  X  X  
 Coordination  X  X  
 Relaypointteam    X  
 Haling and building  X  X  X
 Bicylcle issuance    X  
 Drivers  X  X  X
 Communication    X  
 Technique    X  
 First Aid    X  
 Photography    X  

Route folk

With a mountainbike and packed lunch you will have another view of the Veluweloop running route. There are various options for route folk. You may be ahead of the runners for a final check of the route and its markings and for settling irregularities; you may be among the runners, or more relaxed, with the final runner; or you may be a so-called broombiker collecting all route markings. And Friday before the run during the day a team of mountainbikers will mark the Veluweloop running route.


Do you have a motorbike / car (and motorbik / car driver’s license), and do you enjoy riding The Veluwe and meanwhile make yourself useful? Then this may be a task for you! Following a Traffic Support instruction you are authorized to regulate traffic. In a relaxed manner you are standing on the road stopping vehicles and enjoying the view of the Veluweloop participants running past.


If you do not prefer as much the specific stress of the Veluweloop relay running event nor its responsibilities you may consider supporting the catering team. Friday before the event packed lunches are prepared for all volunteers. In the morning and during the day of the event these have to be handed-out. In the evening after the event a fantastic buffet dinner is available for both volunteers as well as participants which will be served by the catering team.


If you enjoy being involved in the logistics of large events you may be interested in a coordinating task at one of the restart locations. Together with members of the organizing committee you will go through the programme and tasks for the respective restart location. During the event you will be the team’s focal point at the restart location.

Relay point team

Are you interested in time registration at the relay points? With experienced crew you may man a relay point team, and you will be responsible for 2 or 3 relay locations. The team will set up the relay point. And at the relay point the team will set up and operate the electronic timing equipment, take care of the manual backup procedure, and ensure the smooth and pleasant operation for the participating teams, the public and the environment. It is a task in the heat of the game!

Hauling and building

This team operates mostly behind the scenes. Nevertheless it is among the most important tasks! It sure has a lot of variety, involving hauling, loading and unloading of amongst others crush barriers and traffic signs along the route and at restart locations, bicycles and various other materials and equipment, erecting of tents and setting up start and finish the day before the event. During the day of the Veluweloop event you may assist setting up the restart venues and meanwhile also keeping an eye on this relay running event.

Bicycle issuance

This is an early bird task. Before the event really takes-off, a crowd is hurrying to gather their rented bicycles. In fact it is possible to combine tis task with participating in the running event yourself. So register for this task if you wish to contribute to a smooth course of this process.


All equipment is delivered at the relay points and restart venues using cars, minivans and a truck. You will have ample opportunity to experience the Veluweloop on Friday and during the day of the event itself.


Proper communication among the various locations and crew of the Veluweloop is crucial. You may be welcome if you have iron nerves and you are smart enough to verbally untangle a chaotic situation.


All restart venues need at least one technician to keep the site running. Sound systems for start and finish, for event presentation and music, and eventually for lighting, bands, video or other creative presentations rely on you for their power supply. Give a hand to make it work, and in the evening enjoy yourself and swing at your own party!

First Aid

Although a first aid team is available addition first aid assistance is always welcome. You may be stationed at one of the restart venues, you may be part of a relay point team, or you may be one of the mountainbikers among the runners.


You probably also experienced one of those moments thinking ‘I wish I had my camera!?’ We also look for enthusiastic photographers to catch the finest moments of the Veluweloop. The pictures and films of your digital camera can be published on our website immediately after the event. To have an idea, take a look at the pictures taken the previous years.